Thursday, February 7, 2013

Arelia LaRue Book #5 update and other cool news!

Hey guys,

I hope everything is going well. A quick update on Book #5, I'm aiming for an early summer release date so at this point around June-ish. Book #5 is going to be called...

SUPPRESSED  (does anyone see a theme with the titles? :P)

I need help picking a color for the cover. I was thinking dark green. Any suggestions?

Some other cool and unexpected news. Apple just announced a Breakout Books section on Itunes where they randomly promote books written by indie authors. And I am flattered that Bound made the cut along with some REALLY REALLY awesome authors. I mean, some of these other authors have already made The New York Times Bestseller list, so I am super grateful and humbled that I was chosen. Thanks to all of you! I'm really grateful!!! Cool, right?

Some of you have expressed an interest in writing and I would like to encourage you guys to go for it. It takes a lot of determination but now is a great time to be an author!