Monday, October 29, 2012

Oppressed Arelia LaRue Book #4 Another Teaser

Another teaser!

His eyes peered into mine. “Why can’t I stop loving you?”

Confusion gripped me as I tried to make sense of his question. “Stop loving me? Why would you want to stop loving me?”

“Why?” He laughed deeply and took several steps back. “Why?” he repeated, as if the answer was painfully obvious. He crossed his arms and started to pace from tomb to tomb.  “Why?” he repeated the word over and over again like a madman. When he finally stopped pacing he leaned against a tomb and focused his attention on me. His gaze was cool and detached.  “You’re a disease.”

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

OPPRESSED Arelia LaRue Book #4 Teaser!!!

Chapter One
The Funeral

A wicked wind combed through my long hair while the stars above me floated against a pale violet sky that had just been abandoned by an angry sun.  The humid summer air was oblivious to my despair as I sat there half- paralyzed, reluctant to move, breathe or even think. The smell of damp earth and freshly cut lilies was strangely enticing and equally gruesome as it danced around the grave infront of me. I leaned against a fat oak and let its claw-like branches brush against my cheek in a consoling almost motherly manner.

Unsure of how I had gotten to the point I was at I was unaware if I should move one step forward or one step backwards so I did nothing at all. Certainly doing nothing was better than searching for answers that I wasn’t ready to hear or willing to understand, or was it?

After I had kissed Lucus good-bye the world had gone blank as if someone or something had hit the reset button on the strange movie that was supposedly my life.  Nothingness slowly transformed into an overpowering sense of dread and utter helplessness and then without warning I found myself sitting infront of an unmarked grave in the corner of Darkwood cemetery. Around me, tombs swayed to a savage, ghostly rhythm that was all too familiar. Their strange shadows intertwined and surrounded me, tempting me to join them in their never ending party.