Saturday, December 3, 2011

Arelia LaRue Book #2

Okay guys, there is one thing that I'm dying to know.I would love if some readers would help me out.

Based on reader feedback, I'm kind of stunned to see how much hate Sabrina is getting.
I mean so many readers absolutely hate her!!!! Yet, no one has commented on Ivan. Why does everyone hate Sabrina. Isn't Ivan kind of annoying too?

I'm currently working on book #2 in the series called Punished and am kind of struggling with how I should handle Sabrina. Yes, she is a diva and all, but is she really that terrible?

Remember  Charlotte was a diva too!


  1. Sabrina is just misunderstood. She seems as though she covers up a hard upbringing. Maybe her parents loved her but only showed their love through gifts ie horses, clothes, basically tried to buy her affections.
    I think what we have seen is only skin deep. If you scratch the surface, you find a girl who had to grow up fast and deal with the lack of interaction from her parents.
    Oh and I hate Ivan. Why? Basically I think he's a creep. But maybr there's more to him too!

  2. Yes that's exactly it!! In the second book we'll get to see more of her upbringing. LOL Ivan, yeah, well there is a lot more to him than meets the eye.

  3. Ok, so if you want a readers opinion on Ivan, I'll tell you this... I kind of like Ivan. Sure he can bug me and is creepy, but he sounds like a real person. Like, he's three dimensional. I don't think of him as a total super jerk, i think he's just wants someone to talk to. Please there just something that i feel is sketchy about Lucas that makes me like Ivan more.

    And I don't know if this is a spoiler but i think Ivan is possessed by Mad Mary's son. Maybe not all the time, but he did sing that slave song... That moment really changed my view of him. That right there was his character shift for me.

    -Katie Mcc

  4. Hey Katie, thank you so much for your comment. I really love hearing what readers think about characters.

    Soooo, you caught on to the super valuable hint, the slave song Ivan sang! It is an important clue and I'm thankful that you got it because there are many readers who are overlooking small moments that are really important to the plot.

    Yes, Ivan's not perfect and neither is Lucus (more about that later!) or Arelia and Sabrina. I didn't want cardboard cut-outs in the series because the way I look at it, no one is perfect.

    There are lots of readers who are confused by Arelia's reaction towards Lucus and why she's not head over heels in love. Well, the way I see it is that Arelia doesn't trust so easily because she's had a rough life and has been let down before (more about that later), but when she does, you have a friend for life.

    Anyways sorry for the ramble! I just love hearing what readers think because it gives me more insight :)

  5. I love that Sabrina is who she is. Girls fight even when they are best friends. I also got that Ivan is possest by Mad Marry's son. I love the way Arelia is. And sometimes it takes time to understand the fealings you have.

    ( Sorry if I spelled things wrong)

    Love from Norway

  6. lol thank you for your insightful comment Henriette. You are so right on so many levels. The relationship between Sabrina and Arelia is like the one I have with my best friend. We fight, we argue, but at the end of the day we love one another.

    Yes, sometimes it takes time for us to understand the feelings we have have, it's a journey.

    P.S. don't worry about your spelling, I'm happy you left a comment :)

  7. Hey Kira! Sorry to comment here - I can't find your email address anywhere and I would like to contact you. I'm a book reviewer with a blog called I Heart Reading and I would love to read and review your book, Bound. If you could please send me a review copy, preferably in .epub format, or else .pdf, I would be absolutely delighted.

    Here's my email address:

    Thank you and I'm hoping to hear from you soon!

  8. Hey Majanka I emailed you. I'm also on Twitter and Facebook guys, so feel free to contact me via there as well!

  9. I have to say that I am completely, irrevocably, head-over-heals enthralled with the characters in this book! So much that I was left salavating for a taste of more when I reached the end! I totally freaked! I mean, what a cliffhanger!
    Even creepy Ivan and whiny Sabrina, without those characters the book would not be the same... I am dieing to see what happens next!

    Tell us... when can we expect the next installment?

  10. Haaa Wolfswan, your comment made me laugh and makes me think you're a writer yourself. Thank you for appreciating creepy Ivan and whiny Sabrina.

    Punished Novel #2 in the Arelia LaRue Series will be out in Feb 2012.

  11. Hey Kira
    I'm hooked. You must hurry and attempt to release Punished earlier than Feb, please! ;)
    I really appreciate the direction you've taken with the paranormal genre - it is interesting and refreshing. You are not long winded, simply trying to add words to your count, but rather letting us know what we need to know in the moment. I also like that Arelia is 16 and has the maturity of a 16 year old which allows her to grow as a character.
    As for Ivan I saw him for what he is right away, I had a gut feeling that was confirmed after he sang the slave song. He is layered and interesting but also childish rather than mean. He is guarded.
    Sabrina is insecure. I can see her evolving in the future if you choose to go that way with her. The problem I'm having with her just based on this first book is I am not connecting with her character. She showed a bit of her vulnerability which was good but I just need a bit more from her to care about her as much as Arelia or Lucas or Ivan. You are a great writer and I think you will do great adding depth beyond her superficial exterior.
    This ended up being way more than I meant to write! I'm very very excited to read Punished!!!(Brooke)

  12. Hey Brooke!! Thank you for your kind comments!

    You nailed it, the characters have room to grow and mature especially Sabrina. I don't know how many of you guys watch Vampire Diaries, but in season 1, I didn't connect with Caroline, but now she is my favorite. I don't think I would like like her as much if she started out that way though. I like her because she became stronger.

    HHmmm well, I don't want to reveal any spoilers but the second book will involve a lot of Ivan.

    I don't want to disappoint anyone with an awful second book, but promise to get it out as soon as I can. At this point I can see Feb for sure.

    I truly appreciate all the support :)

  13. Hey Kira,

    I came across your book this afternoon and just finished reading it. I completely fell in LOVE with it and Lucas!!! I couldn't put it down. I am very excited and anxiously waiting for the second book!
    I enjoy that this wasn't like your reg paranormal books. I loved your details...
    I knew there was something off about Ivan... and you're right, the slave song did give away. The fact that he kept calling her Voodoo Queen contributed to it as well.
    You are a a great writer. Like I said, I look forward to reading more of your books...

  14. I can't believe it Yoss, Lucus, you fell in love with Lucus, not Mr. Dumpty????? Come on guys where is the Mr. Dumpty love?

    Just kidding, seriously, thank you for giving it a chance and I'm super excited that you enjoyed it. It encourages me to make Book #2 even better.