Tuesday, February 6, 2018

The Girl on Prytania Street is out this month!

Hi Guys,

Finally, a new book!!! I am very excited to announce that  my first adult novel, The Girl on Prytania Street will be out this month (exact date to be announced).

So, what is it about?

Here is the blurb:

It isn't a conspiracy if it's true...

Kate Givens used to have it all, a loving husband, a successful career as a journalist at a major New York City newspaper and a teenage daughter who was the center of her world. Three years later, Kate is a shadow of her former self. She spends too much time indulging in bad habits, stalking her ex-husband and obsessing over the endless possibilities as to what really happened to her missing daughter.

 Everything changes the day she is forced to go to New Orleans and cover a story that has shocked the entire country. In this strange and haunting city, she starts to see and hear things that she shouldn't. Her world begins to unravel further and shocking secrets that have been well hidden slowly come to light.

What is real? What is imagined? Who is really responsible for her daughter's disappearance? In this addictively gripping thriller, nothing is what is seems and no one can be trusted.

For those of you waiting for book 8 in the Arelia LaRue series, good news, it is expected to be out in May. I am planning on publishing more adult books this year as well.

Thank you!