Monday, March 19, 2012

Feathermore by Lucy Swing----- Interview and my Thoughts

I always talk about myself and my books and blah blah blah, but I do have author friends I love and respect too!
One of them is Lucy Swing. So today is all about her and her fab new book Feathermore. Be sure to fill out the form at the end for your chance to win a signed, paper version of the book as well as a beautiful Feathermore necklace. (SORRY OPEN TO U.S. RESIDENTS ONLY). 

I'm sharing my thoughts on the book and doing a purposely difficult interview with her. 

So here it goes!


"When the one thing you live for is taken from you, do you let it go or do you fall?
Jade, like any other student at Brushwood High, awaits the start of the school year with a certain measure of dread. Worse, she is being threatened by a voice that only she can hear—a voice that lurks at the edges of her awareness, haunting her and warning her of something unknown. She has always been able to count on her two best friends, Claire and Nate, but can she confide in them now? About this? Would they even believe her?
Life takes a turn for the better when she meets Avan, a darkly handsome new student who, somehow, seems to drown out the voice and make her feel at ease.
But Jade soon comes to realize that good things don’t last forever. When everything spirals out of control, she is shattered by something she never saw coming. Dazed and despairing, she must now overcome tragedy and embrace her true existence and a new but dangerous love. Will she be able to save herself and those she loves, before it’s too late? Or will she let the surrounding darkness consume her?"

My Thoughts

First, I honestly enjoyed this book. My eye rolling was kept to a minimal and I didn’t scowl once. To be really, really honest, I’m not into books where love is the primary lure. Yes, I do love romance but I need some drama thrown in to keep me entertained. Heart break, suffering and a little bit of good old torment is essential.
That’s what I loved about Feathermore. Yes, it is a love story, but there is so much more to it. I loved the fact that the main character Jade was coming to terms with her own destiny. I appreciated that she wasn’t so cool about everything and used her own mind and asked questions. Hello people, asking questions when someone reveals that you are a supernatural being is a good thing.

I was absorbed by Jade’s story because it has action, love, drama, suspense, but above all, struggle. I want to accompany Jade on her adventure and hope she comes out on top. I identify with her because she’s not perfect. She's  flawed but trying to become a better person little by little. I can’t relate to perfect characters. Can you?

Difficult Author Interview with Lucy

1.      Are you a Jade or a Claire?

I am a little bit of both, yet neither at the same time. Does it make sense? I am more of a sarcastic and witty person. I am honest and trustworthy, which sometimes seems to be my weakest trait, people take advantage of it.

2.      What is the biggest sacrifice you’ve made for a loved one?
H      Hmmm, good question. I am not quite sure how to answer this one, but I don’t think I’ve had to sacrifice anything yet.
I l    I love the fact that Jade struggles with who she is and her new found identity. What has your biggest struggle been?

When I moved from Argentina to Miami. I went to a trilingual school in Argentina, so my English was pretty good, but every time I said anything I could hear a slight accent and it bothered me soooo much that I stopped talking. People started to think I was mute! Until little by little I came out of my shell and made some great new friends. Met the hubby then too!

4.      In a fight, who would win Arelia or Jade?  (LOL).
I don’t know man; Arelia has the spirits on her side… But then again, Jade is as strong as they come and she hasn’t even shown us what she really is made out of.
5.      What is your favorite food to eat or drink while writing?
Chocolate. I had it to where every morning I would get a big bowl of strawberries and banana and dip it in melted chocolate. Every morning. Coffee is a must if I start writing early in the day.
6.      Do you believe in happily ever afters?
Yes, but only if YOU make it happen. You can’t just sit and wait for it.
7.      What’s your most ambitious dream related to writing?
I think it mirrors yours; I’d love to see my books made into a TV show (like True Blood, Vampire Diaries and Secret Circle) and/or movies (Twilight). But right now, I’m more than happy if people just enjoy what I write. Without the readers, we got nothing.
8.      Movie that you got inspiration from while writing Feathermore?
I don’t think a movie inspired me, especially when I don’t watch that many to begin with. It was more like music. My late father in law would always say “It’s all about the music,” and it is true. In just one short song you get a whole lifetime told.
9.      Favorite song right now?
I am a little obsessed with “Safe and Sound” by Taylor Swift.
10.  Your perfect distraction that keeps you from writing?
YOU! Lol, no, seriously, but it is a distraction I happily welcome. Twitter, facebook and catching up with blogs I love seem to take chunks of time in a matter of seconds. (right back at ya Lucy!!!)

Kira, thank you so much for hosting me today. It has been really fun!

Thank you Lucy for taking the time to answer and provide insightful answers!!!


Lucy Swing lives in sunny Florida with her husband and two children.

She is a YA Paranormal/ Romance writer, whose works include: Feathermore #1 (Feathermore Trilogy), Bloody Valentine, the novella, and Bloody Valentine is also offered in "Death by Chocolate," an anthology consisting of 6 fantastic YA short stories with a chocolaty twist.
She is an absolute book hoarder and must always have a book at arms distance. Music is her muse, and there is always a soundtrack that plays along her life.

For more information on Lucy Swing please visit her website

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