Saturday, January 21, 2012

Punished Arelia LaRue Book #2 Release Date!!!!!!!

I'm so excited to announce that as of right now, Punished will be out on Feb, 29th 2012!

Here is a little tune that I'm listening to right now while working on a scene!


  1. Me too!!!!! I think (hope) Punished is better than Bound.

  2. Me too! Chrystal thank you so much for hosting part of our DBC tour, I'm excited to post on your blog on the 17th!

  3. Eeeep! I cannot wait :) and yes I am so behind that I am just now finding this! LOL


  4. I just finished reading Bound. I'm thoroughly excited to read Punished when it comes out.

  5. Thank you Calleah! I'm so glad you enjoyed it!

    LOL Heather it's ok!

  6. Just finished reading Punished in one sitting! Very good! Are you working on a third installment? Looking forward to reading more of Arelia/Lucas, etc.

  7. Awww thank you Taisha. Yes the third book is coming up very soon. Will keep everyone posted!

  8. Kira, I absolutely loved your first novel "Bound", and am overwhelmingly excited to read your second novel. Yet, I wanted to be able to buy a hard cover book, rather than a nook, or kindle edition. To my surprise, your novels have not been published into non-electronic books. My question here being, do you have an idea as to when, or if, your books will be available for purchase, as goes non-electronically? I would absolutely love to add the series to my home library. Your response is very nuch appreciated. Keep up the good writing, and good work.

    1. Hey Christi,
      Thank you so much for reading!! I understand that there are lots of people who prefer paperbacks hardcovers (me too), so I'm looking into having the books in print. I'm not sure when but I hope it is soon (hopefully this year). I will keep you posted. Thank you and I'm flatted that you loved Bound:)